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From: Genevieve
Place: Fort Lauderdale, FL
They came and did the extensive cleaning from the cieling down, could not be happier, was worth every penny…each room they finished they asked if they missed anything – and if you did point out (paintings which I have a million of them) they went back cheerfully and took care of it..they cleaned out the cario cabinet, the ceilings, lamps, nick-nacks, refrigertor, microwave, cabinets, way top of the cabinets which were black…they did everything!!!.could not believe how much filth had accumulated undetected over the years…they even found behind my bed the wall rotting out and the floor soaked through from water penetration through the walls, also pulled everything out of the closets and to clean and our closets are like storage areas that we try to avoid…my babys room, they suggested rearranging the furniture to make it easier to get around – gave them permission, and they made the room so perfect!!! Still cannot believe the job that they did, it ended up costing more t
han I wanted to spend – but for an intensive spring cleaning that was needed, they more than exceeded my expectations. Extremely happy and worth the cost.